How To Find The Best Urgent Care Clinic in Kent, Wa

How To Find The Best Urgent Care Clinic in Kent, Wa

Life is chock-full of surprises
Occasionally things just happen.. and when they do you may need someone to take a look at the problem
Problem is..
your doctor may not be accessible to see you
Most people prolong seeking emergency treatment to avoid skyrocketing emergency room fees and then there’s the waiting game.. once you do get in..
Here’s something you should know..
Doctor’s Express is is a reasonable option that is close to home, affordable, and ready to take care of life’s little surprises.
We’re in your neighborhood and one of the only walk in clinics that has real physicians. We can give you back your time as well as piece of mind when it comes to Urgent Care.
Here are some Reasons to contemplate Urgent Care versus Hospital Emergency Room
Better value than Emergency Room – A recent study shows emergency room costs are approximately 700% more than the cost for the same level of quality medical care received at an urgent care facility.
Time Savings – The ER fortunately triages emergency conditions to the top of their list. However, this means when you go, if your issue is not life threatening you will be put at the bottom of the list and often wait 4-6 hours before you’re seen. At Doctors Express Urgent Care, our door to door time is usually under 1 hour.
Lower co-payments – Many major insurance companiesRealize the cost and time saving advantages of urgent care clinics, so co-payments may be substantially lower than Emergency Room co-pays.
U.S. Government – According to the Division of Health Care Statistics, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only 15 percent of patients seen at hospital emergency rooms were actually emergency cases. This means approximately 85% of patients that go to an ER do not have a genuinemedical emergency.
Doctors Express Urgent Care offers an alternative option that:
§ Eases the strain on the overburdened ER system
§ Provides patients with reduced costs of care
§ Decreases patient wait time
§ All this with superb medical treatment, in a welcoming environment
No Facility Fee – We submit your insurance claim and you receive a single bill. Emergency rooms and hospital owned urgent care clinics charge you both a facility fee and a fee for the physician’s service. So, not only are your charges much higher at the ER but you‘ll normally receive two bills!
Our goal is to see you quickly and to treat your injury or illness with the utmost quality and efficiency. You don’t need to be a normal patient of ours and you don’t need an appointment. When you aren’t feeling well, just come to our office during our normal business hours.

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